What is a map legend?


Maps and charts use stylized shapes and symbols and in addition basic map hues to designate elements, for example, mountains, parkways and urban communities. The legend is a small box or table with the map that clarifies the implications of those symbols. The legend may likewise incorporate a map scale for help in deciding separations.

Designing a Map Legend

If you are designing a map and legend you may concoct your own symbols and hues or you may depend on standard arrangements of icons, contingent upon the motivation behind your delineation.

Legends normally show up close to the bottom of a map or around the external edges. They might be put outside or inside the map. If putting the legend inside the map, set it apart with an unmistakable frame or border and don’t conceal any vital segments of the map. While the style can differ, a run of the mill legend has a segment with the symbol taken after with a segment portraying what that symbol represents.

Position the legend on the map and incorporate every one of the symbols used on the map in the legend.

Keep the legend (and the map) as straightforward and simple to peruse as would be prudent. This isn’t the ideal opportunity for a favor design.

The style of the legend should match the style of the map itself.

Making the Map

Before you make the legend you require the map. Maps are mind boggling designs. The designer’s test is to make them as straightforward and clear as conceivable without excluding any vital information. Most maps contain similar sorts of components, yet the treatment of the components is in the designer’s hands:




Mapped territories (objects, land, water)




As you work in your designs software, use layers to isolate the different sorts of components and to arrange what can wind up being an entangled document. Finish the map before you set up the legend.

Symbol and Color Selection

You don’t need to reexamine the wheel with your map and legend.

It might be best for your peruser if you don’t. Thruways and streets are normally spoken to by lines of an assortment of widths, contingent upon the measure of the street, and joined by interstate or course names. Water is normally demonstrated by the shading blue. Dashed lines demonstrate borders. A plane demonstrates an air terminal.

Look at your symbols text styles. Your may as of now have what you requirement for your map, or scan online for a map text style or a PDF that illustrates the different map symbols. Microsoft makes a map symbol text style. The National Park Service offers map symbols that are free and in the general population space.

Be reliable in the use of symbols and text styles all through the map and legend and simplify, simplify, simplify. The objective is to make the map and legend peruser well disposed, useful and exact. Maps often use symbols or hues to speak to things, and the map key clarifies what they mean. Map keys are often encloses the side of the map, and the information they give you is fundamental to understanding the map. Symbols in the key may be pictures or icons that speak to different things on the map. Infrequently the map may by colored or shaded, and the key clarifies what the hues and shades mean. The photo here demonstrates a case of a map key for a run of the mill guide.





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