Topographical Maps

More and more people find things of the past quite irrelevant at present. In fact topographical maps are one of these things many people may not give importance these days. You too might be one of these people. Why will you be interested in an old thing when you can conveniently use more advanced gears and gadgets anyways? I can assume you wouldn’t be attracted to free topographical maps if such things will be offered to you. But, believe me or not, time will come that this thing you are taking for granted would become the very thing you will need soon.

You have learned from school that a map is an illustrated representation of the earth’s surface and parts of it. Continents, countries, cities and villages are shown in a rectangular piece of paper to give you an aerial like view of how bodies of land and water are arranged. Topographical maps on the other hand come a little more detailed than regular maps. It is distinct because it depicts the earth’s surface through more specific contoured lines. These lines are the ones that link points of identical elevation on the land’s surface, be it above or below the reference surface. One of these points of reference is the mean sea level among others. These contours also enable the possibility of measuring the depths of the bodies of water, steepness of slopes and heights of mountains and valley.

At present, there are existing websites which gives out free topographic maps that people can utilize when the situation demands for it. It can be used when trekking, hunting, mountain climbing and even in emergency situations where GPS and other advanced gadgets are not accessible. You might not need it now but sooner or later, you will regret that you have not given it as much attention as you should have.

Others might as well ignore it since they don’t even know how to use this certain kind of map. Reading a topographical map is as easy as one-two-three if you pay a little more attention. All you need to do is to grab one and get acquainted with the lines, colors and images depicted on the map. Each icon included in it stands for a particular thing. The capability of determining what these icons stand for will help you big time by the moment you will need its help.


You need to distinguish a topographic from a regular map. Topographic maps are three dimensional while a regular map is only two dimensional. The topographic map shows more detailed information which includes land’s contours, elevation, vegetation bodies of water, land as well as infrastructures within certain areas. Next, you must learn to interpret the lines, colors and symbols in it. Lines can either be straight, dash, solid or a combination thereof. These varying lines represent contours, roads, boundaries and many others. You will be able to observe various colors in the map such as blue, green, brown, red, black and purple as well. Each color represents a specific thing such as bodies of water and vegetation. Various symbols would include different shaped infrastructures, bridges, houses and more.

You must not wait for tomorrow before learning what you need to learn. Things of the past may be a little boring but such things may be the only way to go in certain times.



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